Heyy there Nikita, what’s it like in Toronto city?

Bred in the Gulf, Toronto is far from home.

I’ve been an avid traveller ever since I was in my teens; unfamiliar territory is almost familiar. When I moved to Canada from Dubai, I was bracing to ‘live’ in an unfamiliar territory.

Oh the glorious panic.


Dropped my bags in my new home for the next 4 months, a humble space that only barely fits half my life’s worth of belongings, and ventured out to explore what the City has to offer.

Safe to say, Toronto’s dreaded weather is more than compensated by the warmth of the people here.


In all my escapades across the globe, never have I felt more safe, more comforted and welcome in a city. The best part of this nicety is how infectious it is! It’s been a month and I’m already feeling myself more Canadian; I hold doors open Canada style, say good morning to strangers and spend my time apologising to EVERYTHING.

I think Toronto in a nutshell is happy. People have smiles on their faces and courtesy is on hyper mode.

Background: I did my undergrad in Electronics and Communication Engineering, worked a couple of years in a brand management role for PepsiCo in Dubai and here I am doing my MBA in Rotman School of Management for the next 2 years of my life. I’ve heard tales of how this course is going to be and I’m going to keep you up to date with my journey here on.


I’m going to keep my first post short with abrupt ending-like summers in Canada!

Till next time!