If Vodka is made from Potato, is it a comfort food?

Status Update: 2 weeks in, reaction papers, group assignments, group reports, presentations and 1 quiz later, tumblr_lxwnc22g591r9mixco1_500

When the application process begun back in September, I was overwhelmed by the amount of dedication and organizing capabilities the application alone needed; I knew the MBA was going to be transformatory. The problem with human capacity to handle stress is this: you’re under the impression that at a difficult moment,life is ‘as tough’ as it gets. With the amount of money you’re investing in yourself, sustenance in an MBA setting is everything. I’m writing this post to simply delve into the stuff I like to do to relieve my stress

  1. Music- Block out 15 minutes of your break In between assignments for listening to your favourite playlist. Music releases happy hormones that increase your capacity to function better. If you’re an artist, jam with yourself. Better yet, bring the club to you-break it doooown in your room!

2.  Comfort food– Now not everyone as is gifted as me in the art of cooking, but if you are(in other ways) anything like me-food makes or breaks the mood. If you can’t make it at home, order in something cheesy, deep-fried and potato.

3.  Comfort human-While this may sound more than quirky to some, it’s the truth! At the end of a stressful day, find that friend/bunch of friends/partner to rant to.
4.  Work out– Do I look like a gym freak? No. Cardio and me broke up a while ago. Download workout apps on your phone and spend 15-20 minutes of the day getting your heart pumping. It charges your mood!
5.  GO OUT! – You’re going to burn out if you don’t interact with something that isn’t the mirror or laptop! Keep aside a few hours of the week for completely letting loose! Hangovers won’t kill you!
6.  Take yourself out on a date once a week-This sounds so pretentious but I swear I’ve been adapting this model ever since I hit 18. You need to be happiest in your own company. Dress up and eat a nice meal in a restaurant you’ve been aching to go to.
7. Breathe!- It’s alright. There’s 349 others working through the same things you are. Organize and prioritise. YOU GOT THIS!

Second Status Update: when-you-get-home-from-a-long-day

Till I see you again!