The agony of internships

It’s been a while since I’ve self ranted to my laptop

Dear internet and fellow Rotmanites,

Welcome to woes of finding a job in the world of double doubles and snowy Aprils. I’m sharing this post just to give you some emotional pointers when you’re going through the wonderful world of recruitment


No sire, I genuinely donot like the grueling process of recruitment. But here is a couple of things I do to keep myself positive and motivated.

  1. Resilience resilience resilience: There is NO winning when you give up trying. tumblr_ngpmiltr7A1tkxmvbo1_500.gif
  2. Believe in yourself: The competitive setting in combination with ice-thin job market makes you debate your credentials. You’ve spent 24+ years of your life creating this version of yourself. BELIEVE you ARE the best version of yourself. tumblr_m05oudEehy1qch7rdo1_400
  3. An organized and focused individual is an unstoppable specimen: Make a timetable of what application/meeting is due when and how you can prepare for it.


4. Vision Board: By no means am I an expert on how to nab a job nor defeat emotional blows. But I keep together a vision board as a reminder on how blessed I am on a daily. It keeps my spirit up and my willingness to work hard regardless of failures. I see myself 10 years down the line (where these small rejections would mean nothing) sitting in the corner office with the view of the gorgeous skyline, signing multi-million dollar deals with my Montblanc pen. Visualize a positive future and it will come to you.


In other talks, I’m nearly done with first year of MBA and entering very gracefully into my last year ever as a student.


Many many finance and accounting quizzes and deliverables later, I’m still standing, still raring, still smiling, still showing up. For anyone and everyone who is having a bad day, YOU GOT THIS!