The agony of internships

It’s been a while since I’ve self ranted to my laptop

Dear internet and fellow Rotmanites,

Welcome to woes of finding a job in the world of double doubles and snowy Aprils. I’m sharing this post just to give you some emotional pointers when you’re going through the wonderful world of recruitment


No sire, I genuinely donot like the grueling process of recruitment. But here is a couple of things I do to keep myself positive and motivated.

  1. Resilience resilience resilience: There is NO winning when you give up trying. tumblr_ngpmiltr7A1tkxmvbo1_500.gif
  2. Believe in yourself: The competitive setting in combination with ice-thin job market makes you debate your credentials. You’ve spent 24+ years of your life creating this version of yourself. BELIEVE you ARE the best version of yourself. tumblr_m05oudEehy1qch7rdo1_400
  3. An organized and focused individual is an unstoppable specimen: Make a timetable of what application/meeting is due when and how you can prepare for it.


4. Vision Board: By no means am I an expert on how to nab a job nor defeat emotional blows. But I keep together a vision board as a reminder on how blessed I am on a daily. It keeps my spirit up and my willingness to work hard regardless of failures. I see myself 10 years down the line (where these small rejections would mean nothing) sitting in the corner office with the view of the gorgeous skyline, signing multi-million dollar deals with my Montblanc pen. Visualize a positive future and it will come to you.


In other talks, I’m nearly done with first year of MBA and entering very gracefully into my last year ever as a student.


Many many finance and accounting quizzes and deliverables later, I’m still standing, still raring, still smiling, still showing up. For anyone and everyone who is having a bad day, YOU GOT THIS!



When you’re the Turkey stuffing yourself with MBA

My first ever thanksgiving. How do I feel about it?


Well, considering I can’t/won’t ramble about Turkey happening.


I did have a glorious thanksgiving! With a perfect weather comes the need for a road trip! Went over to Missisauga to rejuvenate, spent  time with new found family, drank some good wine and soaked in the last tid-bits of ‘summer’ .  The idea of a 4 day holiday, especially after the term Rotmanites have had is legit.

The leaves are turning red, as is my crunching soul


The winter is approaching near, bring out the stole!


The sun is brighter than ever, the roads are floored with leaves


Canada gets prettier, but by joe, here come the cold grieves


Procrastination is sinking in, my processor is running on lazy


If you ain’t on my sinking boat, you’re faking-you’re crazy


Finance already has pre-class homework? That’s bananas!


Wishing myself in the Caribbean, soaking in them cabanas!


Hope the weekend was glorious, my lovelies!

Let’s brace ourselves for Term 1!


If Vodka is made from Potato, is it a comfort food?

Status Update: 2 weeks in, reaction papers, group assignments, group reports, presentations and 1 quiz later, tumblr_lxwnc22g591r9mixco1_500

When the application process begun back in September, I was overwhelmed by the amount of dedication and organizing capabilities the application alone needed; I knew the MBA was going to be transformatory. The problem with human capacity to handle stress is this: you’re under the impression that at a difficult moment,life is ‘as tough’ as it gets. With the amount of money you’re investing in yourself, sustenance in an MBA setting is everything. I’m writing this post to simply delve into the stuff I like to do to relieve my stress

  1. Music- Block out 15 minutes of your break In between assignments for listening to your favourite playlist. Music releases happy hormones that increase your capacity to function better. If you’re an artist, jam with yourself. Better yet, bring the club to you-break it doooown in your room!

2.  Comfort food– Now not everyone as is gifted as me in the art of cooking, but if you are(in other ways) anything like me-food makes or breaks the mood. If you can’t make it at home, order in something cheesy, deep-fried and potato.
3.  Comfort human-While this may sound more than quirky to some, it’s the truth! At the end of a stressful day, find that friend/bunch of friends/partner to rant to.
4.  Work out– Do I look like a gym freak? No. Cardio and me broke up a while ago. Download workout apps on your phone and spend 15-20 minutes of the day getting your heart pumping. It charges your mood!
5.  GO OUT! – You’re going to burn out if you don’t interact with something that isn’t the mirror or laptop! Keep aside a few hours of the week for completely letting loose! Hangovers won’t kill you!
6.  Take yourself out on a date once a week-This sounds so pretentious but I swear I’ve been adapting this model ever since I hit 18. You need to be happiest in your own company. Dress up and eat a nice meal in a restaurant you’ve been aching to go to.
7. Breathe!- It’s alright. There’s 349 others working through the same things you are. Organize and prioritise. YOU GOT THIS!

Second Status Update: when-you-get-home-from-a-long-day

Till I see you again!


Heyy there Nikita, what’s it like in Toronto city?

Bred in the Gulf, Toronto is far from home.

I’ve been an avid traveller ever since I was in my teens; unfamiliar territory is almost familiar. When I moved to Canada from Dubai, I was bracing to ‘live’ in an unfamiliar territory.

Oh the glorious panic.


Dropped my bags in my new home for the next 4 months, a humble space that only barely fits half my life’s worth of belongings, and ventured out to explore what the City has to offer.

Safe to say, Toronto’s dreaded weather is more than compensated by the warmth of the people here.


In all my escapades across the globe, never have I felt more safe, more comforted and welcome in a city. The best part of this nicety is how infectious it is! It’s been a month and I’m already feeling myself more Canadian; I hold doors open Canada style, say good morning to strangers and spend my time apologising to EVERYTHING.

I think Toronto in a nutshell is happy. People have smiles on their faces and courtesy is on hyper mode.

Background: I did my undergrad in Electronics and Communication Engineering, worked a couple of years in a brand management role for PepsiCo in Dubai and here I am doing my MBA in Rotman School of Management for the next 2 years of my life. I’ve heard tales of how this course is going to be and I’m going to keep you up to date with my journey here on.


I’m going to keep my first post short with abrupt ending-like summers in Canada!

Till next time!